Using SQLite in an app


One of my main attractions to AppyBuilder over AI2 was to explore the use of SQLite in an app. I have had no success in finding documentation on using SQLite in the app. Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction.


@ChasChap We are in processing of adding information to our online help[1]. For now, please see reference[2]




@ChasChap We just published new tutorial. See here:


Hi Hossein!

do you know what happened with that tutorial? of SQLite? is not found



@MenniJC5 Just fixed link: We just published new tutorial. See here:

Also, please notice that you can always go to and search at top-left


I’m looking for good tutorial for SQLITE, but both links provided here are broken.
Can you please provide a good link for it?


This isn’t what you asked for but it’s the best way I’ve found to use sqlite:!msg/mitappinventortest/ZjkCYz7RQ5U/ZG0jFM80AgAJ


Link is now fixed:


Thanks @Hossein.

While waiting to get this linked fixed, I found this one too. Not oriented to AppyBuilder, but useful too.


@Italo Thanks for sharing


First time using SQLite for me. I know MySQL, so that is a big advantage.
One question: SQLite tables can’t be shared by different apps, right?


The following information is from

"Each app has its own SQlite database. There is only one SQlite database per app. Even if you have multiple SQlite components, they will use the same database.

When you are developing apps using the AI Companion, all the apps using that Companion will share the same SQlite database. That sharing will disappear once the apps are packaged and installed on the phone. During development you should be careful to clear the Companion app’s data each time you start working on a new app."


Ok, in that aspect, it’s just like TinyDB. Thanks.


We just publish new apa in playstore