Use percent in ImageSprite



First apologize for my English, I’m using the google translator.

I wanted to ask you about how to put the width and height of ImageSprite in percent.
I’m doing a piano and I’ve done it with canvas, but ImageSprite does not give me the option to use percent, just pixels.

Could it be done with percent?



Well, the percent blocks are just a shortcut, It can totally be done by doing math.
Just multiply the canvas.width or height times the percent number you want divided by 100.

Example: If you want a sprite to use 30% of the canvas width, set the sprite width to (canvas.width * (30 /100) - or .3 whatever it’s easier for you to understand.


I have been trying as you said, although I have not understood it very well and I can not do it.

I have a Canvas and inside an ImageSprite, could you give me an example of the block to place that image on 30% of the canvas?

I’m very bad with this, I’m learning now.



It’s just 3 blocks, literally:

Set ImageSprite.Width to Canvas.Width x 0.3

Replace 0.3 with whatever percentage you want there, like 45 % will be 0.45