Use Material Icon Without web component



You can use material icon without web components.

Step1: Download MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf file.
Step2: Import MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf file in your project assets.
Step3: As shown in image choose any icon code from

Step4: Now paste this code in lables Text field. And Don’t forget to check HTML Format.

Same method for Font awesome.

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Here is .aia file of example project.

Test_Nick.aia (59.7 KB)


From when did you ever need a Web component for material icons.


Thank you, @Nick… this is very helpful…


How can i do the same with Button. I tied in the same way but the buttons are not showing the material icons…



cant find code is there any other method i can try for material icon

unlisted #8


You dont need a code anymore. Just use the name of the font, like settings etc.