Use gallery viewer for video file


How can i show mp4 files in gallery viewer


@tulsi_das_bohra You don’t want to do that. In gallery viewer show thumbnail. When thumbnail clicked, then get the image that was clicked on, find associated video url from tinydb and show the video using video player component


Ya but when i put video file path not appear


@tulsi_das_bohra please show us your blocks so that we can better helpyou




have you see…?


Gasket viewer takes only images not video


yes i know but any component that can i use to show video in list view


@tulsi_das_bohra you need to have a mapping of each mp4 to like an image name. Then in your gallery viewer, display the images. On taking an image, you need to get the image name and map back to your mp4 list. Grab that mp4 and use it in video player component.

Sorry but at this time can’t think of better approach


Ok so how can i change file type in run time


your problem short out yes or no ?


this is the answer you have to follow