Upload failed You uploaded an APK that is signed with a different certificate to your previous APKs


Upload failed You uploaded an APK that is signed with a different certificate to your previous APKs


@kausar This is not a bug. Please see thread here:


Thank you, I will try.


Thank you for your great help. What about the old apps which are already in the app store? (which key should I use? if I want to update them and upload them back to google play store)? or are not affected by joining Google Play App Signing ?


@Mahmoud Every time a new (or updated app) is being published, it will require keystore. This means you don’t have to worry about existing apps


Hello everybody,
I need help regarding App updates. I am getting problem updating older apps at Playstore
The situation is I made an App at Thunkable and uploaded at Play store.
Later , I found Appybuilder have more options and created the updated version at Appybuilder.
When I tried to update that specific app at Play store(While i had some other apps as well created at appybuilder.), it failed to upload and require the same signing key or so. I have searched here and there and found a solution i.e to export and import keystore .I have done the process and uploaded updated app again at Playstore.This time , the app was accepted.

After that I have added some new apps, they were accepted easily. However, the problem started again when I have tried to update an other App that I have created with Appybuilder (After importing new keystore). It simple failed to upload the newer version. :frowning:
The message I received is :

Anyone can help me to fix this problem please?
Thanks in advance.


@fdesigner Before importing keystore from other builders, did you create backup of your AppyBuilder keystore?

  • if yes: If you previously published original AppyBuilder apps to play store, then you’ll need to switch back to AppyBuilder keystore :+1:
  • if no: That would be a problem and we have stated many times that you need to create back up of your keystores :man_shrugging:


Unfortunately, I have not saved original keystore :frowning:
It means, I won’t be able to update newer apps as well ?
No solution at all?


New apps: Yes
Already published apps: No

For your referenche (searching community for keystore):