Update request for the GridView component



Hello to all.
I wanted to focus on the gridview component, which could become very important.
Today, this component is very limited, but I think with some small implementation it could become a very powerful component and a tool for developing many ideas.
I ask the APPYBUILDER community to meditate on this post and to keep this discussion open for the purpose of confirming my thesis regarding this component.
In my opinion this component would be enriched with the following features:

  1. Can know which cell was clicked, knowing the row and column concerned.
  2. You can edit the padding color and possibly other features of a specific cell by pointing the row and column from the “block editor”.

There would be many other features I could list, but only with these two, I could already do many interesting things, I give you some examples:

  1. Spreadsheet, inserting from the “block editor” the features to apply to the individual cells
  2. Windows with buttons created directly by “block editor”, so you can generate grid blocks “block editor” with buttons that invoke in turn functions or events
  3. Custom data views, example display of table data with the ability to handle cell events.

Surely there are so many other situations that you can handle with this component, the limit is just our imagination.

I could also pay in order to encourage these changes, of course not high prices.
I ask all of you in the community to say your opinion about this topic. Thank you


@enfandroid AppyBuilder team could check into this.
However it would be great if we get contributors to update the GridView component. Hopefully we get some interested coders