Upcoming Extensions Release: 3 new paid extensions




Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce 3 new paid extensions in an Upcoming Extensions Release. These extensions include ChatInterface extension for creating messages view, Particles extension for using animations and AdColony extension for using interstitial advertisements.


The money that I get from these extensions are put into “a goal bank” as I am saving money for buying Proxmark3 RDV2, keeping my web hosting and a few more things, because I am now into penetration testing. Although, 10% of the proceeds will be going to YMCA Strong Kids charity, like always.


Chat Interface (Sponsored by @andrekhrisna)


Chat Interface extension allows to create a user interface for chat applications. It creates a view with a title bar on the top and allows you to send different kind of messages including Text, Links, Attachments, Images, Videos, Audio, Payments and even Maps. Everything is customizable, background color, text color, icon color, user’s image and even a possibility to send as self or other person.






  1. Is it possible to send emojis? Yup, it is! Simply copy an emoji, put in a text block and send it right away!
  2. How to style the text? For bold do: <b>text</b>, for italic: <i>text</i>, for underline: <u>text</u> and for strikethrough: <s>text</s>


:warning:   Note: image parameter expects path starting with file://, for example like this:


Available for 10$ at https://www.paypal.me/moliata (make sure to message me, when you send a transaction)



Particles extension allows you to add particles and animations to your views. There are emitters and one shots which depend on their functionality. Emitters emit particles, while one shots only emits particle once. But you can still put one shots in a loop.





  1. What is anchor? Anchor is any visible component on which particles will be shown.
  2. How does FollowCursor work? if you use FollowCursor, when you touch anywhere on the anchor, particles will appear at that location.


:warning:   Note: Emitters (excluding EmitterWithGravity) are running for infinite unlike One Shots so they aren’t good for all the scenarios.


Available for 10$ at https://www.paypal.me/moliata (make sure to message me, when you send a transaction)



AdColony extension is used for showing AdColony’s interstitial advertisements. Simply set the app id, load an ad and whenever it’s loaded and you think it’s time to, show an ad.






  1. What does ShowAd function return? It returns either False if an interstitial wasn’t loaded or True if it was able to successfully show the advertisement and ad was loaded.
  2. Did you include Google Play ads services library? Yes, it was required for interstitial loading.


:warning:   Note: make sure to show some kind of consent before showing advertisements to comply with European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Available for 10$ at https://www.paypal.me/moliata (make sure to message me, when you send a transaction)


I would like to thank @andrekhrisna for a really kind donation for the sponsorship, without him, Chat Interface extension would probably have never seen the light. …and thank you for the community!

Adcolony Ad Extention
How to simulate a chatbox using appybuilder?
Ad Colony Interstitial

Thanks everyone who bought extensions, it is helping me so much!


I’m working on some more new extensions, be sure to stay. One of them will be free :smiley:


thank you for your contribution…
it probably might have been a good idea to start a new thread for each of the extensions…



There were a lot of extensions to come together, so I made everything in one. I will add these items to App Inventor Store, when I complete a few things.


Done, just found the time to edit.


Requiero la extension del chat, pero viene con algún tutorial, cómo hago para comprarlo y avisarte que he pagado?


for quesitons like this, please send a PM to the developer


Thanks for contributineedg! can I get how to make block. help me!

I need some inspiration to start & buid chattinh app.


Hello, this is not my extension! If you need any help with Chat Interface extension, please directly contact me through a private message.


Beware of buying the chat-interface. It has limited options and flickering issue.
And I asked more things was essential functions/ options to use it.
But the developer want me to pay more to fix/upgrade. I can not believe it.

–> asked few things first at the last week 5days ago, he will add it by this weekend. He did not do it.
–> during this week, I asked few more questions. did not get answered.
–> finally, I got an answer, my question was too many <?> He/she want me to ask again.
–> then, this is What I got.

  • option for the title on/off
  • option for the title background color
  • option for the “date text color”
  • option for the chat background color. currently it is bright gray.
  • The Image spaces. If it does not have image property, It should not show the empty space for it.

replied: For more than 3 additions, please sponsor the extension for 5$.

image url is working general situation.
However, local-file is not loading and firebase/storage file is not showing also.

replied: Please take a look at the original Chat Interface extension’s topic, under notices it has information, how to use local files.

I think, the message should be enabled for multi-lines. or give me an option for it.

replied: This seems a weird bug, as it should work right away. Will fix that for free.

I will try other way to add chat style message box for testing the flickering matter. I hope you solve this too. You already knew about the issue, You should inform that beafore sell it.

replied: Because that is not something I can change myself, I didn’t do anything. I’ll add a notice to the original topic later, thank you for letting me know.

–> I asked if he/she can not fix or solve it, want to have money back because I can not use it, and I think it is not ready for the production level.
was not answered.


You asked for 2 minor updates and as I said I’ll implement them, but then after a day, you asked for 7+ upgrades and I am not capable of just adding everything in a short time span (half of the saturday and sunday) for free, provided the fact that I am having a lot of studies in IB class right now. If you need a lot of features, you need to sponsor my work, so it would be worth spending my only free time I have. Moreover, in this topic, I have provided a picture of all the blocks available, so you could check that and see what’s missing (color options, messages without profile picture, etc.).
Regarding the flickering issue, I said it’s not in my control and I’ll add a notice in all 4 communities.
Best regards,
P.S: for local files issue, please read this original topic, here is a quote:


Listen, Ben. I do not care about what you are doing for living.
But I do concern about what I paid for.
Do you think your product is good enough to use for real production ?
If you think so ? Show me any real app made by the chat-ext.
When you make something to sell it, You have to think many situations what people use for.
But your chat thing is offering very limited options, actually is not mature. It looks like a homework student made.
Have you test it enough ?
There are many things to fix (not upgrade) I did not talk to you.
Only my mistake is that I believed what you made, and bought/sponsor it.
If you want to get a sponsor ? You better make it well.
Do not tell me your are very busy, everybody is busy and work hard to live in this world.

The image thing is not just local file, the image file was include in the app. It was not loading at all.
Moreover, why do I have to make a mechanism to set your image property ? other image extensions and other component does not need it.
Before make your own way, please look at what most people do and see the common ways first.

Moreover, in this topic, I have provided a picture of all the blocks available, so you could check that and see what’s missing (color options, messages without profile picture, etc.).
Let’s talk about beautiful image, can read it everythings from it ?
Most of developer adds comment every detail things to prevent give people wrong idea and confusion.
Think about that.


You paid for Chat Interface extension and not a modified version with features that you want. There is no place where I said that I will modify my extension and make it for your requirements. For custom extensions that have features you want you should ask other extension developers like @Taifun or @AndresCotes which provide excellent extensions for reasonable prices.

People like Taifun have made great tutorials on how to get paths to the image from your app. I added a notice telling people how to access those files, if it’s not good enough, you could just not buy the extension.

Also, yes, photos provide everything you need to know. Screenshots are offered to let you know how the extension will look. Blocks also exist which, if you understand English, tell everything. Not sure what you don’t understand, you can literally see, which blocks offer color properties.


I wrote, what’s possible to modify and what’s not…

I have no idea, I am just an extension developer and so, I don’t know where 20+ Chat Interface extension buyers use it.

To make everything simple, let’s turn your logic into a dead simple example. You buy for example, Samsung’s phone which offers 8GB RAM and 512GB of storage. But after buying, you understand that you need 12GB RAM and 1TB of storage, you don’t just go to Samsung and say, oh hey there, please upgrade my phone because I want it.


There is critical issues,

  1. Whenever add a new message, the screen is flickering.
  2. After flickering, the scroll position will be reset. If you want to read a new message, you have to scroll it all the way down. Or you have to add messages in the other way (to upward… it is odd, I think). Moreover, It is not going to be fixed because Ben(the developer/ owner) insists it is not his fault. I am aware of he may not able to fix it.
  3. It may not ba changed the scroll-arrangement background color and some others too such as title, title background color, text color, etc. There are few options offering now. (I do not know that it is going to be changed.)
  4. It can not be removed the images of the chatter (an avatar thing). It is mandatory. If you do not provide the image URL, It will show an empty space always.
  5. Firebase-storage image link is not working. How frustrated.
  6. There is lack of sample also. It has to be figured out with the sample pictures.

I am going to use the other free extension like this. “https://community.thunkable.com/t/free-create-buttons-labels-textboxes-images-sliders-by-code-new-font-vertical-slider/13074
It does offer me lots of UI design options and many samples and no issues currently. I made several image boards with it for the current project. From now on, I am going to make a chatting interface with this.


I said multiple times why this issue is caused, read my previous replies.

It does work, please follow “notices” section…

There is a sample .aia file, which I have sent to multiple people who asked.

Yes, I won’t make all of these features on my free time. As I said either wait for a month or two until I implement all of them (that will be enough of free time) or pay for additional services.


Show me how to use others.
You example was this. I really want to know how to set the file transfer.


I haven’t made examples for all use cases. Can you elaborate what “file transfer” means?


Have you fixed anything ?


  1. There is no interface for the file url of the “Sendaudio”.

  2. Give me an example for the SendMap