Unique user id - User1, User2, User3 .... on Firebase



How to get unique id on Firebase like User1, User2, User3 … & so on… every time user signup to our app… ? any block idea?


do you want it for login?


No, i want this as bucket … so every unique bucket for unique users data…hope you get that…


yup i understand.
i think you can add username to listAllUserNames.
jenny(member 4) --> jack(member3), john(member2), jackson(member 1)
after that get the index(index 4) of username from the listAllUserNames
and create the bucket username and index from ListallUserNames.
so its jenny4 (bucket)


Sorry i’m new …i didn’t get that… can u please share blocks, if u can?


ok let me tell you its litte bit complicated.and usually i dont make blocks like what you says.it depends project.
i will show register block.it was one of my project i changed it litte for you.


This will generate a unique bucket for every device.

Add data in firebase tag

quite complicated for me, let me try …:rofl:


ok be careful.if the user change device something.you must think well.


owh…thank u so much :slight_smile:


I can’t find that extention…where to get that?


Under Social category.
Be advice “This will generate a unique bucket for every device.”

If you don’t know your users I’d suggest you to use Firebase Authentication V.3.0
This will prevent duplicated username signup.


I didn’t tried it but for every user what unique is their email id. So, why not to use it. And you can remove the “@” symbol or replace it with any alphabet/s if it don’t work with @ symbol.


Hey thanks… I will definitely try this too …:grinning:


Yeah, it would be better option…