Unable to close app!


I’m a few days into my first app on this platform and I’m doing well so far. But now I’ve run into something I can’t explain, or fix.

The app is a simple multi-screen one, with the main screen menu calling a few other pages with submenus - much like a website. On the main screen is also an Exit button - and of course your own ‘Stop this application’ in the top right corner.

Problem is none of them works. The app just goes back to the previous screen when I click either one. So the only way I can close the app is to physically swipe it away in Android. The other screens work fine reverting to the main screen, but once there I can’t close the app.

The only bit of code I have to control this on Screen 1 is
’When Screen1.Backpressed > do CloseApplication
When ExitButton.click > do CloseApplication

Any ideas what I am missing?


this happens, if you do not switch screens correctly
see tip 1 here