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I’m not really sure If this is the place to post about this, but I’m here to offer my graphic design services for all your App Creations, first of all I need to be clear with something: This not a free work offer, please don’t ask for free work, this is a serious post in order to help you on your project.

UI/UX Design and Redesign

I can help you to improve your app, reducing the number of steps your app is taking to create an action, also to improve your graphics, removing pixel distortion on your images and making the app more clear and easy to use, also more appealing.

For this example I take the opportunity of redesign the AppyBuilder Companion App:

  • Here I remove the red top Action Bar, have no relevant information and the red color focus all the attention before the content.
  • Improve and re-vectorize of the main logo, I set all the assets to work with retina displays, this remove the blurry pixel distortion on the corners, add subtle gradients and shadows to stand out more the logo.
  • All the app keep and strict margin limits, making the app look bold and centered.
  • Improve the main action button or the Scan QR code button, and make more subtle the secondary action, or the 6 code input field, this improve the UX on the app since the more quick action inside the app it’s the scan action.
  • Remove repetitive and unnecessary text between the buttons and the logo.
  • Send the IP and Version number to the top, since it’s just informative text I give it a more light color, to remove importance and visual impact.

Icon App Design or Redesign

I can redesign and Improve any App Icon for your current or upcoming creation, I do my best to create an original and more appealing Icon.

Again for my example I create a redesign of the current App Builder Icon:


For this example I create a more simple and colorful version of the Icon, keeping the original colors and making it stand out more, I use a rounded square for the icon since the web app use this type of rounded puzzle and making it look like a bot.

Assets Improvement

Every asset that i deliver to you it’s improved, or what I mean it’s I reduce the size of all the assets leaving intact the Quality of every image, reducing from 35% to 85% of every image, this can be a real improvement on the size of your app if you’re using a large number of assets.

App Wireframe

This is for people who have the idea of what the app does, have a workflow, but don’t know how order or where put all the info inside the screen without the need of have a detailed designed app.

Custom icons font

I can design custom icons and convert them into a .ttf font, this helps when you need several icons for your app, and you need change the color without the need of create assets for every color; also can be resized and adjusted without any quality loss, improving with this your app design and size.


It’s this something expensive?
Usually yes, but don’t be afraid to ask, I do a lot of work for charities and i’m used to work according to clients budgets, so if you only have $30 we can see the way to work on something.

Do you offer ready to use assets?
Yes, every design that I create it’s ready to be sliced and used as an asset on every project.

Do you create characters or illustrations?
Yes and no, I’m not an Illustrator, but I have some friends that can help with that too.

Please comment here if you’re interested on any kind of work, just ask something or you wanna say hello, UI/UX Design can be expensive, but it’s more expensive the bad UX/UI, and can improve your app and make it more friendly to your users.

Disclaimer: This designs are just to demonstration purposes and the original designs of AppyBuilder and the name of the app are copyright of their respective owners


eso solo es diseño o ya lograste construir un compañero de esa forma


Solo diseño, no he podido crear una app para poder mostrar como sería el resultado.


Color wise, the companion redesign is good. Maybe you can offer it freely to AB team as proof of skill, if they accept it, it could be a good portfolio…:blush:

Oh, and welcome to the community, @ozonostudio.


I can offer the assets, but I can’t recreate the app since I don’t have the source code and needs some special content that I don’t have


You can uncompile the AppyBuilder companion, I know how to, but won’t say unless they want me too :slightly_smiling_face:


@ozonostudio seems like we didn’t notice your post. That is awesome. Will definitely contact you :+1:


I think you guys should really consider it, his design looks nice :wink:


Sure you can contact me if anything is need it and we can talk about it or mail me: hello@ozonostudio.com