TV APP-Live Indian Channels-


Its as fast as switching channels in TV.
MX player required to play few channels as the inbuilt player doesn’t support everything.
Used firebase to manage the channel database.
Any channel category or channels get automatically added just by changing firebase data.
Download Link -

Sreenshots to prove Appybuilder is used. :slight_smile:

The extensions used are in screenshot below . And thanx to all the developers specially Taifun .

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I unlist this. Just linking to an apk isn’t enough. Show some screenshots and show you made it with AppyBuilder.


I can see you used a lot of extensions, even payed once. You should list what extensions you used and from which developer.


" Show some screenshots and show you made it ". Do you mean screenshot of account of appybuilder.or App?


Screenshots of the app, screenshots of the app being made in AppyBuilder.

And telling about the extensions


I edited my original post … will that do ?


Make your piece about the extension developers more clear. You images are not readable. Maybe a list. And what i was wondering. Are you allowed to stream these channels? Do you have to have special permission? Do you use ads in your app. If you do that you could get into trouble if you earn money by streaming someone others content.


I will try with the extensions … and the App version posted in Appybuilder , NO Ads are used. And for the permission , these are free links available in www, I just used them .

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not workeds on xiaomi 4 pro Android 6.0


appybuilder team can answer it better, but it runs smoothly on my Xiaomi MI MAX.
btw what error are you getting?