Tutorial: Spinning Wheel


yes sir
after removing fusiontable component my apk generated easily , its mean some thing wrong with fusiontable.


when i fill with these keys and keyfile and service account email then error accrued please check sir


Why dont you show your blocks and tell what you want to achieve.


simply check this .AIA file when i import and build in apk it same type of error pop-up. what should i do?


this is your team making aia file you can check it by build apk same error pop up


I added a FusionTableControl Component and was able to compile the WheelOfFortune_FREE.aia


sir check it.
its your aia file, nothing change in it


sorry sir i have mistake
its not wheel fortune its secure daily task project



@usmanali2663 I think there was an issue on that .aia file. I just replaced it with a new version that should compile. Get the updated one from here:


hi pixi how would I put the example for a LOT POINTS, which is a number of firebases but only 1% chance of winning. please :slight_smile: thanks


Sorry, I don’t quite understand your question.

But I think you’re asking for a 1% probability for the user to gain a large amount of points.

If you watched the tutorial, you may remember me saying that

  • The spinning wheel image is a fixed size (300x300 pixels)
  • To recognize the winning slice, I had to create an if/else statement for every possible outcome (This is based on the speed, size of image, and heading)

Since the Spinning Wheel is fixed that means you have to be creative with your rewards.
The tutorial shows the most basic example using a number system, but you don’t have to use a number system.

You could take the image and create icons or words instead of numbers.
In the tutorial, the Number 1 is the most rare slice, as such, the prize amount was increased if the user happened to land on that slice.

So, you could change Slice 1 to say RANDOM SURPRISE! (use your image editing software).
In the free tutorial, the getResult procedure would just output the Slice the user landed on.
Instead of showing “Result = 1”, you could create a probability condition.

Generate a random number from 1 to 100. If the random number = 1, the user gets a Super Rare Prize.
If the user does not get a 1 (any number from 2-100)
(This happens “behind the scenes”. The user won’t see this happening)

And in your final version of course, you wouldn’t have a simple label that says “user wins a special prize”. You would need to add the blocks that connect your user’s points with your database.


Welcome back PixiiBomb .After so many days we see your post .and we hope you will create some more tutorial.Thank your Memory Game is awesome.


Thanks Khulasa :heart_eyes::star_struck:


Ok, thanks so much. I want ask you something, i cannot make refferal sistem. I do everything, but i after when someone insert refferel nobody recive coins. How can i do this, please:)


Please create a new topic and provide screenshots of what you have tried.