Tutorial: Spinning Wheel


Yes i mean the ticking sound… i tried to play the sound every time the sprite heading passes 15…
but it seems that thats to close… the sound wont play…
i want that my wheel sounds realistic…
my algorythm of my wheel is a bit different from pixiis wheel…
when the foreach loop error is fixed i will post an .aia file here…


thx… :slight_smile:
i know all the components and how to use them… i only have problems with the wheel sound…


I think the sound component should have the property MINIMUM INTERVAL to 0 or 1, to make it play in fast repetition.
I didn’t try this, so I’m not sure if works.


i think the problem is that the wheel spins too fast at the beginning… so the sound won’t play…
do you have an existing solution that work and sounds realistic?


I would set the wheel to rotate a fixed amount of seconds, then get or create a sound with that exact length and play it while the wheel is spinning. Simpler and I think it will sound better.
You will have to use some sound editor like Audacity to create the sound, and try to imitate the wheel movement with the ticking sounds, making them more and more spaced as the wheel starts slowing down.
Again, this is what I would try in your place. I didn’t do it myself.


i will try it… thank you… :slight_smile:


thank you
good project


this is really good tutorial
but there is any way to limit the spins per hour or per day ?


Yes, just combine this event with my Daily Task tutorial:


I have done this combination. Thank you for best tutorials. These all tutorials are most valuable and informative, Please keep sharing your best knowledge. I combine firebase tutorial, daily task and spin wheel. now trying to figure out signIn option direct from firebase with email ID and password in case user uninstall the app, clear data or format device, in firebase we store email and password under timestamp(-unique id-), and in device with help of use tinyDB. if user do like this (user uninstall the app, clear data or format device) then there is no timestamp store in device. so user can not login with email id or password. can i get help on this how can we allow user to login with email and password from stored detail in firebase In such case like format device. It’s been a month im playing with blocks to solve this but not yet success.
Thank you once again for share best stuff with all of us.


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hello madam,
can you answer me about this error
i try too many times still same problem show on screen.



give free paid application please how may persons are agree ??? thum up you are agree


Not sure what you’re asking for.
The project .aia is in the first post.?


I hope you are not one of those users that wants everything for free. We dont accept users who do that.


i have make another project and same error looks again this is only when i used fusiontable. i don,t know why please check it



Did you read the topic Ken gave you?