Tutorial - How to disable a component for an hour/day


can you send block image


No, sorry, you will have to do it. I’m busy at work right now, I can just answer quick questions. Besides I encourage people to learn, not to just copy stuff. Not trying to be rude, just try something and it will be more beneficial for you to do it on your own.


But I Not understand it


And another thing: If this is for one of those earning apps by clicking ads, please do it on your own. I do not help to develop those kind of apps.


No this is for My Game…


I make it because I want any person to play a game every after 10 minutes


I can help more, but you will have to wait some time, I can’t right now.
Or maybe somebody else can show you more before I can.


When you show me ??
Please help me…
I will wait…


I got Success…Thanks for advised me…
You can try it…:- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DRCgLEuZ4cLXsWTmfcl9VDCQOsB1NdqE


Great. I had a busy day today at work. Glad to see you solved it on your own.