Tutorial - How to disable a component for an hour/day


You know, all this time I never had the chance to use TinyWebDb, Fusion Tables or Firebase. I didn’t need it really. Last week I started using SQlite for the first time! I’m more of a graphics freak. :grinning:


Why the hate? This is an instant and easy platform even if expensive. Well, actually me too not using it my app.

@Italo, good move! In a while, you wouldn’t imagine yourself not using sqlite, or mysql when making app…


I’m using SQLite because I need it to generate monthly/yearly reports in an app I’m making and TinyDb would be slow for that, but that’s it. I don’t make apps that use database. With TinyDB 99% of the times is enough. No need to use a chainsaw to cut a slice of pizza, you know? :grin:


What if I want to disable button1 on Screen1, but only after clicking the button1 present on Screen2?


Hi Pixii Bomb can you tell me, what it does mean?


What did you change?
I just opened up my project and I have no errors


a slot appears to be empty in your project or to have a value that is not supported
please verify that.

Task Hour/Day + Countdown Timer + Prevent Hacking

I am doing same coding which you have done then why this come ? I recheck my coding 4 to 5th times I don’t know why it happens


Yes when I convert your aia file into application then your file work properly but when I do this coding in my application then what is the problem I don’t know it will come out


Yes bro but I doing same to same coding which is done by Pixii bomb then why I got this result?


Can you show me the blocks that are the addition block?


Please someone can guide me how can I disable the button for one hour with Timer I have tried a lot to do this, but I failed every time.

Please someone take a personal interest on my topic and resolve this. If the user click on button then button will be disable for a 1 hour with showing countdown time if one hour is over then button will be visible to true to the user.
If someone have the tutorial on this topic please provide me.


Ok bro just a moment.


I think there’s just an empty string in the summation block, if you let me see it, maybe I can help you.


I saw another image that you had posted and then deleted.
But it looked like you were grabbing SYSTEMTIME instead of grabbing the timestamp from the API.

I can’t really tell you much else from this error. We’re not seeing what you’ve changed.
It sounds like you’re saying you opened my .aia file and saw no errors.
Then did something and saw an error.

There are no errors in my original file. I’ve just opened it again using userID = 1, and got no errors.
I changed the user ID to an unused userID and got no errors.

I’m not seeing what you’re seeing, because I haven’t made any drastic changes to my blocks.


It looks like you are trying to add(+) “” with 86400.
You can’t add an empty string or null value with a number.
Double Check all add operations.


This is my Aia file please compare this file with Pixii bomb or tell me to resolve this problem help please.
Countdowntimer.aia (6.9 KB)


Firebase details


Hii This is my Aia file please compare this file with your file or tell me to resolve this problem help please. I am doing same to same coding
Countdowntimer.aia (6.9 KB)


Firebase details


It looks like “timestamp_old” is blank when COUNTDOWN is enabled.


I can already see one mistake

Your main Project Bucket in Firebase is MakeMyPizza
and you’ve set “Countdowntimer” as the Project Bucket for your Firebase component.

Countdowntimer doesn’t even exist in your Firebase

The intializeData procedure is trying to get the value for user_timestamp
Which is a tag request

for the tag users/8898429265/timestamp

but that tag doesn’t exist anywhere in your Firebase

Take a look at the initializeData procedure.
Read what it says:
Firebase.GetValue (user_timestamp)
If that value isn’t there, output “ERROR”

Look at your error message. It says "ERROR"
Look at the user_timestamp variable.
It’s trying to get a tag that doesn’t exist in your Firebase.
That’s why you’re getting an error.

Please review the video.
I put soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much information in these tutorials.
I explain in great detail why things work the way they work.