Tutorial - How to disable a component for an hour/day


For more simplicity and to avoid extra blocks that are not needed, I opted to save it as milliseconds, but if you want to use seconds, divide the milliseconds by 1000.


can i show time count in the screen for help user to see time,when time count start from 1 hour to 00 second.
is it possible using tiny db?


You have to use a clock to do that. TinyDB only stores the time. The clock is the one component that will be called every second to update the label with the time left.


but how to do?can you please give the blocks?
it will helpfull


If anyone increase system time.then he/she need not to wait until 1 hours.users can hack this easily.how to do it without system time.
can you try please using time interval where user can not be able to hack.



is it possible do this within tinydb?


The above example makes use of a TinyDB.


but if anyone increase system time,they can not wait given times.


@maksud, l recommend you to actually practice the given example if you really want to create the related app, asking around without practicing wouldn’t let you go anywhere and our advices here would mean nothing.

So, start practicing and in no time you will master it since AB is easy.


Thank you for your recommendation.
i also try to practice all time.


Can you explain how to do timer using firebase


I don’t know anything about Firebase, sorry. Never used it yet. May be somebody else can help with that.


Timer using firebase? I haven’t heard any method about it using AI platform. I know that there is method to ask for server timestamp (https://firebase.google.com/docs/reference/js/firebase.database.ServerValue) but currently there is no way to do it using AI. Of course, you can achieve this using php server.


i used tiny db method bit they are showing error(milies cant accept the argument date,year)


Italo, we are kindred spirits. I hate Firebase too lol :fire:


You know, all this time I never had the chance to use TinyWebDb, Fusion Tables or Firebase. I didn’t need it really. Last week I started using SQlite for the first time! I’m more of a graphics freak. :grinning:


Why the hate? This is an instant and easy platform even if expensive. Well, actually me too not using it my app.

@Italo, good move! In a while, you wouldn’t imagine yourself not using sqlite, or mysql when making app…


I’m using SQLite because I need it to generate monthly/yearly reports in an app I’m making and TinyDb would be slow for that, but that’s it. I don’t make apps that use database. With TinyDB 99% of the times is enough. No need to use a chainsaw to cut a slice of pizza, you know? :grin:


What if I want to disable button1 on Screen1, but only after clicking the button1 present on Screen2?