Tutorial: Hang Man Game



The tutorial is fairly easy to follow, but the concepts might be advanced for some users. This should be easy for anyone who can look at a screenshot of blocks and understand what they mean or how to find them.

This tutorial will teach you how to create the Hang Man game, but more importantly will teach you how to read and compare input, one letter at a time. This would be useful for a spelling game, educational app, or input validation.

DOWNLOAD .aia FILE: HangManTutorial.aia (564.2 KB)


Great tutorial @PixiiBomb


hey pixii can you make glow hockey game on appy builder .


Did you ask the same question on the Thunkable community. Are you Keep_laughing? Why not try first before asking if someone can make it for you?

That’s the purpose of the community, learning, not asking for a complete project.


i will remembr it next time.


@PixiiBomb I would like to thank you for this super nice tutorial. Some months ago I developed an app to a Sign Language School and now I added this Hang Man Game to help the learners.