Tutorial - Creating Wallpaper app



Yes, I gave it a try and made a video tutorial using the new WallpaperManager component :smile:
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Good component, thanks, @Hossein


wallpaper app is legal in playstore please reply


@rhytham_negi are you asking a question? Why would it be illegal?


It would be illegal if you use images that are not yours. That have a copyrighted image on it.


upload the wallpaper app in playstore is legal or not?
because i create one.and take advice or precautions before upload app in playstore…


Its not illegal unless you add copyrighted images. Some app markets like Amazon automatically deletes your app if there is a copyrighted content but Google seems to have no problem publishing copyrighted content


I wouldn’t count on it. Google is very strict. If they find out, you are in trouble.


Only if they do, they are just careless until you have some good amount of installs