Turn on GPS without the user knowing


How are things team?
Does anyone think that it is able to develop an extension with some block that connects the GPS of the device without the user without knowing it?
Wifi, mobile data, airplane mode … these things all. I’ve seen some apps that have this function!
Can anyone help and evolve our community?


@Jovem_Programador Android, by design, doesn’t allow you to do that


Okay, but is it even possible to turn it on?


KitchenSink component includes blocks to check if LocationService is on or off. It can also open-up the dialog that allows user to start GPS


Can you show pictures of how to do this?


i neet to this help me please


You can’t really turn it on without user knowing about it. The KitchenSink includes a block that pops-up the GPS setting, allowing user to change the GPS setting.


Yes, as Hossein said it is not possible to turn on the GPS without user’s interaction !