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Hello everyone, I just to you for you ask for help, I want to create an application that will allow me to record the identities of people with their photos (so after introduced the identity of the person from a form, take a Photo and the latter will be attached to its identity), then I want to save this data on the cloud, that I could view or download on a computer and view it … what tools I can use to this kind of application? thank you


apparently no solution for my problem :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:!!! ???


There is no problem. Everything you want can be made with AppyBuilder. Your question is to broad. You should start and when you have a problem ask it here.


thank you for intervening, I have already created at my level, part of my project which consists of saving all the data I need by storing them locally in a database tinydb (my data have the form: txt, csv, image), I wanted afterwards to transfer them to the cloud in a specific file, because I would need to download them on a PC to use them, so how to do it, and what kind of cloud Can I use ? I hope this time I asked my problem, thank you again


you can use any service
the probably easiest solution is to use your own web server and store the images there

How to use the PostFile block in App Inventor

or use the ftp manager component to upload the files to your server

to store your data you might want to consider a server database, as a start do the Pizza Party tutorial to learn how to work with fusiontables



Hello, this time I created a ftp server on 000webhost, and I use the FTP manager component to upload the file, but unfortunately it does not seem to work, can you help me please?UPLOAD


I’m not familiar with the ftp manager component
most probably a path issue… did you try to remove the last slash / from the filename?



thank you, I tried but it still does not work unfortunately


@Hossein might be able to help…


Yes i believe it’s path issue for local device. Use ftpmanager to list files using the given path. I think you should just use a simple back slash


an illustration with a screenshot longer be able to help m’please. thank you


See tutorial here:


Hello, I tried following your tutorial it still does not work, and on top of that this time the application stops with a message: the application was unfortunately stopped!


I managed to upload, it’s great


I manage to send the file without problem, but only it poses another problem, when I send the data of a big capacity that takes a lot of time and in the end I do not obtain all the data that I had loaded, doing some research I came across some tutorials that advise to zip the file but unfortunately when I zipped, the zip file still keeps the same size as all the files collected (but my problem is also decrease the size of the file to transfer), and when I load it it always poses the same problem of missing other files.
what to do?


Obviously I’m not welcome here, but why? The community has difficulty responding to my concerns


Why do you feel like that?
There is so much response in this thread. Everyone is providing their volunteer time time.


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