Toggle Button dont change the text


Hello community
I want to work with some toggles. As i can see you can change the name of the on or off Button. Mean when you click on the toggle and he is on or off you will see different name/Text for the toggle. This will not work before you click on a toggle.
Mean. I setup the toggle name to visible and unvisible with the text block of that. but the toggle shows me on and off until i click on the toggle then the name will change before not.
I made a procedure to change the on and off name and put this into the when the screen initalize he should chech if the app screen is german or english. if the app language is english than set the toggles name to the english words and for german into german. Look here is the screen shot


i dont know what i can do that the toggle show me the right words before i click on him. The user should see the english or german word before he click on the toggle where stand on and off.
I delete the textblock in the design Editor. So thees feelds are empty. and nothing happend

As you can see. Secreen Initalize and the app checked which language is taken. and if app language is english than put the toggles on and off texts to the spezific language. But it wont want work. Can someone help me with that pls


Try changing Green Block (false) to Pink Block “”

You don’t have anything catching (false) in your if statement below.


I worked each time with a empty textblock and all thinks worked in all other screen but the app developing comes to an end and i want to put some options for the user into the app for a better expierence. But theese toggle Texts for on and off wont want not work. Looks like a bug. My smartphone is a Samsung galaxy s8 plus


Thanks that you made an look on this i changed it to the pink block and this changed nothing too. But thanks again. Now i am Sad bc the toogle looks nice but this bug makes it unuseful for mee. Is there an extension for other buttons like a toggle.


For troubleshooting set Language to “” by replacing these blocks:

With a Pink Block “”.


Makes no difference i tried arourd 2 hours to fix this no nchance.


I triéd everything. I put the word in the design viewer , i deleted the words , i tried it with click a button to chanage it but nothing works you can make as i told a button and put in the text for change the on or off text and nothing is changed after click the button.