Tinywebdb problem in API28


hi everyone
I am using offline appybuilder with api28, but seems there is aproblem with tinywebdb.
I compiled the app (a simple app than get data from tinywebdb and add in a list) if I install it in a phone with android 9, (Huawei and Samsung) when I press the button to get the data using tinywebdb, then the app close.
If I install it in android 8 the app work perfect.
If I compile the app with api 26 it work perfect also in android 9.
Thankyou very much for your help


There are more problems with the latest API 28 version it seems. Would you be willing to test with the latest version of App Inventor and see if it will work?


I just try with the latest appinventor version nb178 1st august and the apk work fine also in android 9.
I wish soon the problem will be fixed


Try using( https)…


I did try with (https) but same problem , I wish this problem could solved as soon as possible .
I would like to know if an appybuilder update is planned to solves this problem.