TinyWebDB made easy


This is my own very short tutorial. When you want to see a more comprehensive one use this link:

TinyWebDB is an AppyBuilder component that allows you to store data persistently in a database on the web. Because the data is stored on the web instead of a particular phone, TinyWebDB can be used to facilitate communication between phones and apps (e.g., multi-player games).

Setting up a TinyWebDB takes a lot of work:


But now it can be done much easier. @Barreeeiroo has made

It is usable with every builder and is spread under a MIT license.

Just upload the files inside the zip via ftp to a webhost. You can use for example https://www.000webhost.com/ for that. Beware 000webhost has not the best reputation.

These are all the files


You have to change the permissions of the file database.txt to


Then you can make a test app like this


Just 2 buttons and 2 labels. Button1 puts a value in database.txt and Button2 gets a value from database.txt

This are the blocks.

In serviceurl you set the url where your files are stored. If you use the mainfolder of a 000webhost.com site this would be http://example.000webhostapp.com. Don’t forget the http:// in the adress or your companion will crash when live testing.

I use an Obfuscated TextBlock to make storing the URL inside the APK more secure.

If you run it and press Button1, Label1 should change to “Stored” if it is succesfull. Pressing Button2 should change Label2 to “test”.

Warning: This is not secure. Don’t store secret info this way. The database.txt file is not accessible via http://example.000webhostapp.com/database.txt so that is nice.

It is much easier to setup then any other database around. Just use it for small pieces of text, not for big databases.

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