There is solution for Error 902: Screen not found?



There is solution for Error 902: Screen not found?
I’ve been having the same problem for months


@Fayssal_El_ouafrassi Did you change package name?


If I have changed package name but the same problem happens. There is some video tutorial how to solve it?


@Fayssal_El_ouafrassi See link below or search this forum for “package name”


I did it like putting in toterial but I get this error


@Fayssal_El_ouafrassi In blocks editor, are there any errors such as blocks with open socket?


make sure you need to check the screen name .screen name is a case sensitive.
Ex Screen and screen both are diffrent


to follow the tutorial doing with my email as it says in the explanation I get this error when installing apk.

and at the moment of changing the package name or leaving it blank, this error also happens to me




  1. Your package name is invalid
  2. Why do you need to change package name?


already find out where the error is, I have not put ai _… for my package name now if it works perfectly
thank you very much


where to put ai ? didnt got it