The same problem as with 3.08


Hello Hossein,

The Companion update of yesterday created again the same problem as the update to 3.08 on my Huawei Smartphone.

On my other devices runs the Companion, but a connection is not possible, either by code or by QR code. The QR code disappears on the desktop screen, but the Connect screen remains on the Android device even after 20 min

And when I open an app that I have built exclusively with Appybuilder, I have this strange message (second picture) on my computer screen

Your answer from 20. Apr 2017:


Some devices had issues running the GOLD companion. As result, we had the rebuild the companion and push to Google Play Store here:

If you were experiencing issues, then download the new version (v3.08), otherwise, you should be able to continue with v3.07.



As usual with new updates, gives terrible support for older versions of android <5.0…

Once again doesn’t work with android 4.3


OK. Thank you. This is the explanation for my Huawei smartphone, but my Lenovo Tablet already has Android 5.1, running Companion, but does not connect after the code input or after the QR scan. I will try and report it with other devices


Have you also tried to

  • deleted the appinventor folder on your tablet
  • restart the tablet


Yes, feels 50x :wink: now I just do a system upgrade, Then I write the result here. Many Thanks


@Bernie do you know how to use logcat? If so, can you start log, run companion and then check log for error messages?


Thanks, Hossein for the logcat tip, but the upgrade from android 5.1 to 6.0 was successful. Companion is running again :slight_smile: