The last update I do not like


After a few minutes of using my app and forgetting it, my screen crashes and this happens …


Capture the log so we can see what’s happening:


What does this has to do with last update? :slight_smile: please your blocks logic and as Ken mentioned, use adb to capture log


In a way it doas, I have’t made any test on MIT but this issue has ben there before and it has to do with AccelerometerSensor, if it set to true before switching screen you get all possible errors, one what I have experienced that two screens get merged to one and components get distorted…



Screens not opening properly

@Boban_Stojmenovic Do you have simple .aia that I could try?


Después de la última actualización me surgieron varios errores, como el que acabo de mencionar… eso no lo hacía, además que mi app se hizo lenta, solo basto que compilará con la nueva actualización para que pasará esto!


No uso el sensor de acelerómetro! Más sin embargo si utilizo reloj en casi todas mis pantallas.


this happens only with moving from one screen to another screen and leaving the phone to rest, after the phone is blocked this happens, it is worth mentioning that not all the tests happen, only 3 of 5.