The blocks area did not load properly (APPYBUILDER OFFLINE)


Hi, I’m using appybuilder offline version.

I was editng blocks, but unfortunately electricity gone & My pc shut down.
When electricity back I started my pc & after opening appybuilder offline i got a message
"The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 5629499534213120_main will not be saved."
I saw my main page’s blocks are empty!

Have any solution so that I get back my blocks?


I guess you had a backup of your project made?


I haven’t backup manually yet.
It was auto saved when I closed browser.


Are you able to start again? Did you have multiple screens?


Yes, there was Two screen… screen1 & main
but in main screen there was many blocks…
I write them more than one weeks…
how can I start again??
any way to recover??


Can you export the aia and send it to me? I will have a look.


kkk.aia (195.5 KB)

Check pls


I looked at your aia file. The screen1 blocks file is empty. The main screen block file i can not even open to take a look. I am afraid i can not help you. Please make a backup every 15 minutes of work to avoide things like this. Especially when using the offline version.


The screen1 blocks file is empty.
I have needed the main blocks file…
However thanks for trying to help… :sweat:


unfortunately you found out the hard way how important it is to create backups…
especially while using the offline version…

see also


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