TextUtils and ListUtils


What other helper methods would you like to see in these two extensions?


Will be adding functionality to.extension allowing removal of duplicate items from a list.

Any new text / string blocks needed?


New blocks to be released soon:


let me suggest to name the new method RemoveDuplicates instead of RemoveDups, this might be easier to understand for non native speakers…



I would say something about DateUtils: timediff returns days, hours, minutes and seconds, why not adding also years and maybe weeks?
Also useful: return number of specific days (eg Sundays) in given range.
Something that could answers to the questions

  • how many Sundays there are between x and y?
  • or how many Saturdays and Sundays?

The method should provide a variable to select desired days (one ore more from monday to sunday).

This can be very helpful in apps that need to manage working days, for example.


@Gabryk let’s see what we can do about this feature request


@Gabryk you mentioned (pm) that you have issue with java code. Let’s discuss your idea. What do you have so far? Also for anyone’s reference, you may be able to use online editor and compiler below to test out java code:


you might want to take a look at the countdown extension by Luke



Same as AppyBuilder DateUtil


Here is what AppyBuilder DateUtils produces. One of the blocks can return a List that you can get difference between 2 dates, where:
List item1 = number of days
List item2 = number of hours
List item3 = number of minutes
List item4 = number of seconds

Day's left countdown with Minutes and Seconds

Maybe it woud be usefull some kind of diff method with two list.
I mean, you have two lists, and you can get the elements belongs to one list, but not to another.
For example, you upload a local folder to FTP or viceversa, then you list files in both folders, and you compare both list to get pending files


How dol I get this extension???


you might find it in the extensions drawer…

Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


Hi Hossein
I tested ListUtils to sort a table list by the las column, for do that I reversed each row elements and then sort a list of lists, at that moment worked good , so I could sort by the last column beig the first column now. But once sorting came out had that each row back, did not return as a list.