Textual representation of programming in AppyBuilder


Hello everyone!
It would be very convenient to get the switch the program to a text view, with the ability to edit in AppyBuilding. Like this:

It should also be possible to switch to a graphical representation of the blocks at any time.


this has been discussed in 2014 here https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/mitappinventortest/tail/mitappinventortest/RNvQKjEOkjc/0T59HJ47ak8J, but it was not implemented up to now

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It is a pity that the project TAIL was not developed.
Graphic designs in large programs can be very cumbersome.
Nevertheless, if you abandon compatibility with the Android Studio, making such a translator is probably not very difficult.
Now, the description of program blocks is stored in the project as a XML file. For the example above, this is:

But this language is not very convenient for programming. I think that translating to Java Script and back, would be a good solution.


I think you should discus this on the Kodular community since AppyBuilder isn’t developed anymore.