TextTo Speech with Attributes


I did this Extention at the request of my friend. Maybe it will be useful to someone else.

This is an augmented of the TextToSpeech Component to synchronize speech with actions.
Allows you to perform actions specified by attributes inserted into the text

Attributes Examples:

/pau=3000/ - Wait 3 seconds before continuing to talk;
/mrk=marker1/ - Insert bookmark (an event will be generated at this point);
/spr=1.2/ – Set Speech Rate to 1.2 (possible values 1.0 to 2.0).
/ptch=1.5/ – Set Pitch to 1.5 (possible values 1.0 to 2.0).
/ptch=1.5,spr=1.3/ - You can specify multiple attributes, with a comma separating.

One new event:

ScTextToSpeechA.aix (12.3 KB)
TestScTextToSpeech.aia (29.2 KB) Created by MIT App Inventor


and how can you start that the app starts to hear you. ? And how does the app know my speech. You need internet connection that this component works or?


This component does not “hear”, he “says” :slight_smile:
To listen you need to use another component. Possible offline


together with your other component this is really powerful. I guess i have to test them. :+1: