TextTo Speech with Attributes


Hola, amigo! Tu probaste bien el ejemplo mio? Cuales dudas tienes? El uso de extencion es muy facil.
La camara de android tiene ajuste para que puedes tomar fotos con comando de voz. Decir “Smile” por ejemplo. Tambien puedes usar Camera Extension juntos con Voice Recognition extension without Google Dialogue.


is it possible to make an extension:
if music is playing, then mute it before texttoSpeech ? either pause the music (or other background sounds)


Use mute, I think, will not work. Speech synthesis uses the same audio channel as the music player. Pausing is most likely possible.


The delay was really cool & working fine can you explained other option with block.& in which purpose we can use that


Bookmarks are used to synchronize events with speech. For example, they can be used for video presentations. The remaining attributes are used to change the properties of the voice. Basically, attributes help when a long monologue is supposed, and the text for speech synthesis is loaded from a file.


it is possible to pause the background playing ?

System Media Player control extension

I think that this can be done using ActivityStarter, based on this post.


it is not clear how to do this:((


Well, I’ll try to add this option to my extension: if the player is playing music, press “pause” and continue playing after. Perhaps for these purposes it is better to make a separate extension?


Yes, it would be appropriate. I tried to make it a starter , but I didn’t understand yet what and where to write lines in properties(


Try this. It works on my phone.
Later I will update the extension for speech.


SUPER!!! it works! !!! you’re the best!!! it’s a pity that you can’t just make it quieter, but this is a wonderful result!


Thanks. I could not use the ActivityStarter too. Although, theoretically, it should have worked.


however, there is certainly a way to change the volume level of background music. This method is used by many well-known applications. if this were realized, it would be generally wonderful


Changing the volume is not a problem. The problem is that the volume of synthesized speech will also change. I will try.


See the update in the first post. I think this is what you need.


there’s something wrong with sound jamming… at first, the volume really goes down, but then there is a pause…
as a result, any player goes on pause : (
this may be due to the fact that the voice is played in the alarm channel and the system automatically podruzamevaetsya that everything that plays should pause… I have no other suggestions.
the idea is amazing. this is a very necessary extension for today, but unfortunately it does not work properly yet. I really believe and expect that everything will work out.


It’s strange. It works fine on my phone: the sound is muffled and plays in parallel with the voice, like a background sound. After, the sound volume is restored to the previous level. Apparently it works differently on different phones.


[quote=“ScorpioNormal, post:1, topic:21306”]
Update in V2 :
Fully modified extension.
Added the ability to adjust the volume of the speech . In addition, the volume can be changed using attributes inserted in the text to speech /vol=0.8/ . Due to the fact that speech is now playing in the Alarm sound stream, has become possible to speak without stopping the background music , but only reduce it. This feature is useful, for example, when creating a “smart speaker”.

Congratulations, great additions to the extension.


There is a problem. With headphones connected, speech sounds both in the speaker and in the headphones. I assume that this is because the voice sounds in the Alarm channel. How do I make it sound only in headphones? Perhaps you should use a different channel ? You can help. Waiting for an answer. Thank you in advance.