TextBoxTools Extension [$25USD-Crowdfunded] - Now FREE!



Today I bring to you a new extension that I built with the AppyBuilder CodeEditor.

It allows you to choose between 17 different Keyboard Styles(InputTypes) and allows you to set the maxLength(aka limit the number of characters a user can input) of a TextBox.

A BIG Thank You to my Beta Testers, @Peter and @Gabriel_Egea!

All Blocks



Test it here:

Thank you @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu for this idea!
Once I reach my goal of $25USD, I will release it for free to everyone!
Note: If you have any questions about Crowdfunding, Please PM me.

Well, I reached my goal in 6 hours!
Thank You @Ten_Gator!

Here it is as promised:
TextBoxTools.apk (3.2 MB)
TextBoxTools.aia (71.6 KB)
com.appybuilder.kennicholsandroid.TextBoxTools.aix (8.0 KB)

Feel free to continue donating even though I reached my Goal!
Donate here:

Important: Be sure to put TextBoxTools in the notes, so I know what it’s for!

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Nice to see @Ken liked my thoughts.
Because the extension developer can get the full of their hard work…
Hopefully the rest extension developer will also like this idea and they will use it in the new extensions of the publications.


Well, I reached my goal in 6 hours!
Thank You @Ten_Gator!

.apk, .aia & .aix links are now listed in the first post!

Note: Feel free to continue to donate even though I reached my Goal.