TextBox names as local variable in a list


Hi, I have several text Boxes that I want to set in a single procedure. The boxes names toghether with their values are stored in two separate lists. My questions: is it possible to set the boxes’ Text assigning the boxes’ component name in a local variable?


You can set a list of textboxes with the any component. Is that what you mean?




The TextBox.Text need a component pointer but my target is to set each textBox with different values (that are part of another list). The idea is to get the index number from the listNames list, get the param value from the listValues (using the same index) and set the textBox Text with that value. The params names matches the textBoxes component names.



I hope you understand what i did here?


You are not using AppyBuilder by the way?


I started learning with AppInventor then quickly switched to AppyBuilder but I realized that AI2 is more then enough for my needs and particularly the default graphics style of buttons in AI2 is what I prefer, at least for now. Also, in general, may be is better to start with the ‘mother’ of this great app builder …
Thanks for your help, I’ll try your last tip.


You should choose the builder you like most. But for App Inventor there is a seperate forum. The builders these days are getting to different.