Textbox Extension




  • to get/set cursor position
  • to highlight text
  • to start a text changed listener and to have an event, which fires after text changed
  • NEW in Version 3: to set a background image
  • NEW in Version 4: get/set highlight color of textbox
  • NEW in Version 5: EnterPressed event and SetSoftKeyboardIconEnter method

more information see here https://puravidaapps.com/textbox.php
Thank you @Italo for being the sponsor of this extension!


Example use


TextBox input validation
Highlight text while using TTS
How to make the default keyboard to make a sound
Delete only single character before cursor position in text box

Very cool extension… Thank you, @Taifun


Thank a lot …This is super useful


This is very useful


@Taifun e @Italo Is it possible to use the cursor position function in the Notifier .ShowTextDialog option?


this would be a task for another extension…


@Taifun Can I sponsor the creation of this extension? If so, what would be the value?


can you explain your use case?
the ShowTextDialog opens an empty textbox… what would it help to be able to set the cursor position?


I’m using the ‘.ShowTexInputDialog’ block of the Dialogs extension of ‘Helios aka Vishwas Adiga’. In this block there is the ‘defaultText’ option that receives text from a variable and therefore does not open an empty field. The drawback is that the cursor is at the beginning of the field and not at the end of the text.
Taifun Dialogs


in this case Helios aka Vishwas Adiga should modify that method in the Dialogs extension accordingly…


@Taifun Thank you for your attention!


can update add backgroud image to textbox?


yes, that’s possible
note: the background image will stretch according to the textbox size…

if you like to be the sponsor of that method, then please transfer 10 USD via Paypal to https://paypal.me/puravidaapps/10
Thank you



i wait for update, tk’s


thank you, I received your payment
I will send you the new version of the extension including a test project as soon as possible…



thank… i hope next time you can help me again for another extention… :slight_smile:

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set background no show??


the new property SetBackgroundImage is now available in the textbox extension
thank you @ghoostiadi for being the sponsor of this property!

I now also added a GetHighlightColor and SetHighlightColor method…



@Taifun It looks great. Thanks