Text is not visible on ListView's FilterBar



The problem is that the text color for filter bar is set to white by default and that color can’t be changed. When the background color for the ListView is set to white, the text is not visible. Please fix that by adding an option for changing text color in the filter bar.

Below is the file for testing.

ListViewBug.aia (2.1 KB)


Hi @Bruger, this is the same thing in AI and Thunkable. Because of it, I made something different and I don’t use the filter bar. See picture:

So, I put a textbox and a button with an image to do the search. If you are interested to know, please tell me.


Thanks for your reply. I am interested to know how you did it. :slight_smile:


I hope that I would not need to use SQL database for that. :blush:


Ok, let’s see:

1 - I created a Vertical Arrangement and put a Horizontal Arrangement and inside it I put a Textbox and a button with an image. Below the arrangement I put a Custom Listview (in my case. It works with a normal Listview too), as you can see in the picture:


2 - In the Blocks Editor I did this, to execute a search when you click in the button:

3 - To fill the listview I did this:


And that’s it!!!

PS 1: Note that I’m using the Dialogs Extension from Helios/Mika. But it works with a normal Notifier too.
PS: In my case I am filling the listview with a JSON data from my remote database. But it works with other ways, with no problem.

Hope this helps


Oh… it looks complicated. Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.

I will look into your code and see what I can do. I only need to search a short list of sentences stored in a TinyBD.


Well, I don’t use TinyDB but the logic is the same. If another mate could help with TinyDB, please do it.


I have chosen an easy solution by changing a background color of the list view to gray and text color to white, only when the filter bar is visible. When the user picks an item on the list, I change the background color to white and the text color to black, then hire the filter bar.

This is a temporary solution, until changing text color in the filter bar is possible. :blush:


Hi @Kleyber_Derick

I am trying to fill the list view with items on the list that match text in a search box, similar to what you show in this post. Could you please explain how the “look up in pair” block works, and what did you do in that part of block. Your text is in Portuguese and I don’t understand that.


I have figured that out now. As I store list in a TinyDB, I don’t need “look up in pair” block.