Telegram Notification Service..!


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I want to share with you a project that I’ve been building based on a lot of research

you can use it in any software
but I did it thinking about how to contribute to make the community grow

This bot is used for:

Track Users – The Bot Show where users’ visits come from – Country, City, Ip Address

Send the text that you need to send from the app to your Telegram

The Bot does not receive html text only plain text and \n\n line breaks

You can include it on your proyect, but keep in mind that being a free project I do not assure availability 100%

Please watch the video until the end

Unfortunately this example that I did in appybuilder does not work when I do the GET, I think it is a system error because my code apparently is fine.

zuun_notifier.aia (2.4 KB)


Message recovery
App to run python scripts from raspberry pi

Your GET web url is: Size%3A+Big&token=

Is it correct?


You also forgot to add blocks Web1.GotText or Web1.GotFile


Receive http code of 200 and
I see files going into /Internal storage/My Documents/Downloads


I thought that web1.get was enough

I really do not need the answer but I must send the data with GET
the url carries the token at the end, but I have not put it in the example so that it will not spam me…

I do not need to save any information just send the GET


okay. If you just take the link below, and update as needed and send through desktop browser. Does anything happen on your side? Size%3A+Big&token=

Also, add below, and you’ll that your get is properly going through (it returns http 200)


I try with the complete link and work on browser

your last attempt worked


I just clicked 5 more times (spinner selection was big)




I try the same way and dont have response
but get code 200


Did your server get my last 5 Button Clicks?
Are you using


Yes i get your clicks mine not

I have modified the site so that it responds with the text sucess or error


well, then maybe something with your connection; or firewall or antivirus or something :slight_smile:
Based on our testing, clearly it’s working - atleast from myside


I have found the problem,

do not buy a HUAWEI Y3 ECO Android 5.0
I try with other phone (Alcatel U5 - Android 6.1) And Works Great…


Awesome. Glad its resolved. Maybe now we can get an updated video with AppyBuilder :smile:


Yes, a video would be awesome…


Would be nice if you could have a video showing all related blocks in AppyBuilder


@Ronin @Hossein


Yes, i have seen the video. Pretty easy to setup, @condigital