Task Hour/Day + Countdown Timer + Prevent Hacking


Error 403 means you didnt configure your Fusion Table Properties correctly.

Make sure you’re using the correct API Key, the correct P12 File and the correct service account email.
You should also have “use service authentication” checked

In the future, if you don’t know what a code means, you can try to google it :slight_smile: It will help solve many issues


thanks for reply
i have try the suggestion and it is working properly but now when i start the countdown it tell to update fusion table with different timestemp.

everytime it show different timestemp to update in fusion table.
when i update fusion table as shown timestemp in error message then it work properly but next time when i come again then it show again error message with another timestemp

so plz tell me what i donew%20problem



Thanks for the tutorial, PixiiBomb and good video production, as always


bro is u’r apk syestem is work properly ??


Definitely my system is working fine
But i think my fusion table is not functioning properly
Can you plz help me to short out this


sorry bro i try my best but faild and faild my system do’nt work properly:disappointed_relieved:

so that i request @PixiiBomb mam plz make a video how to control through firebase lets wait … :smiley:

hope for the best and try to do some thing new way :slightly_smiling_face:


i am also waiting for firebase time control management in app
so plz give us some time and make a video tutorial soon


Ok no more re-writting tutorials after this.

I really hope you guys can learn from both tutorials and be able to figure out how to talk to your database after being given so many examples.

Please refer to the videos for the answers. I put SOOOO much USEFUL information in these videos, and I’m starting to think people are just watching 2 minutes, downloading the .aia file and then coming to me for help because they don’t really want to learn the information I’m teaching. And they just want me to do all the work and copy what I’ve done. That makes me sad, because I want you guys to learn, so you don’t have to ask. You’ll just know what to do from all this free knowledge you’re being given.

That being said: here’s the Firebase version: SecureDailyTasksFirebase.aia (73.1 KB)

Notice that the userID variable has been replaced with user_timestamp
If you’ve watched the videos, you should be able to figure out why these variables changed.
You should also know that the userID is obtained from the TinyDB.

This is the example userID created from the video tutorial:

The timestamp tag has been added to the user: 1514493745635

In the Fusion Example, we checked for an EMPTY/BLANK entry in the fusion table (a blank entry means this is the first time the user has opened this screen)
In the Firebase Example, we check for a value of ZERO.

Hope you guys find this helpful.


You are very kind, i don’t think i could be that patient.


it’s Wow. Thank you so much you so kind, like always.


thanx mam it is very good thing for us


Thank you so much sis


You are all very welcome and I <3 you :slight_smile:


To be honest before I don’t understand your videos. but I keep watching, now I understand slowly slowly, and i keep watching your old videos too, So it’s make me more familiar with block.


That makes me happy to hear :smiley:
I’m so glad you’re learning. I know it’s confusing for beginners, but the more you go back and listen to the words and see what’s happening, the more knowledge you gain. And slowly but surely you will be an AppyBuilder Master! :heart:


I need a little help to understand where I’m missing things.Now I’m trying to implement firebase task countdown timer from your tutorial secure task to wheel game. Everything is working properly timer and all other things. But I’m facing an issue with store nesting data to firebase. The task timestamp listing out of user unique ID. you better understand what I’m talking about I’m attaching blocks screenshots. I change few things in the blocks to solve runtime errors. Please check the pics. If you can let know where I’m messing up the things.Thank you so much,


After opening application this happened please help me to resolve it. I use firebase method.


You already asked this question in another forum post, please do not do this.
And check this


Please tell the way for firebase ! How to store time in firebase?


Hey there, it’s been mentioned in this thread.
Just scroll up a few posts