Task Hour/Day + Countdown Timer + Prevent Hacking




I transfered your topic to the tutorialtopic from @PixiiBomb.


same problem here i face


sir i download and upload the @PixiiBomb mam’s .aia and then when i export the apk then the problems are facing plz. help


It’s probably because everyone is messing with that fusion table and they don’t listen to me -.-
I have half a mind to go in there and delete everything


No mam plz Don’t do that …


The problem is that it’s a “play fusion table”, you can mess with it, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work. Because there are multiple people messing with it. :sunglasses:

So they’re ALL using userID = 1
Because that’s the example from the tutorial.

Try using a different userID that doesn’t have a timestamp.
You should be able to view the data from the fusion table here:

Ideally though, you want to use your own Fusion Table, because that will prevent other people who are also messing around with the tutorial from messing around with your data :slight_smile:


Mam I cun’t Undastand :cry:

I’m really sorry … But can u Guide me just simple ways how to control from freebase … !?

Or any other options i cun’t Undastand the table part …:flushed:


@PixiiBomb i’m u’r Big Followers plz Teach me more and more as possible in the apk developing part …


It’s ok.
Here are some basic database concepts that should make more sense:
Fusion and Firebase are both databases.

A userID is supposed to be a unique number that represents a user.
Two users should NOT have the same userID.
The problem is that because this is table is for playing around, people are adding whatever they want to it. I don’t mind that they do that… but it messes up the table for everyone else. Which is why I suggest you use your own database. Not the database from the tutorials. Make your own Firebase, or make your own Fusiontable and then follow along with the video.

There is only supposed to be one userID=1, only one userID=2, only one userID=3, etc.
But there are 2 users with the same user ID, because people will download my tutorial, change the blocks so they can play around with it, and then they change the database. That’s fine, but then they need to be aware of what they’re doing to everyone else who is also playing around with the data.

See this image:

The userID column is on the left side. Every userID is supposed to be a unique number, but some people are changing the blocks from the tutorial, and thus they’re changing the data in the database.

Then I have to go in there and fix it.
The user’s highlighted in red are duplicates that shouldn’t be there.
Notice that the first userID is 1 (pixiibomb)
and the second userID is also 1 (pixii)

That second user… I did not do that. So I am deleting it.

That’s why you guys are seeing this error. Because the tutorial app is trying to get data for user ID = 1, and there are 2 users with that ID.


Okk Now The apk is show me l​:point_up_2::point_up_2:

Is it possible to control throughout Firebased … !??


Yes of course.
Firebase is a database, just like Fusion :slight_smile:

I just have to sit down and show people the blocks, which means I need a few hours of free time.
Which I do not have today. :frowning:


Okk… @PixiiBomb I’m waiting for u’r response with as possible simple solution … Take u’r Times and I’hope U Reply soon …



In the meantime, why don’t you try to learn how to do it yourself? Believe me, it’s way more rewarding to solve your own problems than to ask all the time for others to do it.
We all learned from trying things, failing many times and keep trying until it worked. Anybody can do the same.


mam i am also waiting for firebase time control management in app
so plz give us some time and make a video tutorial soon



To quote @Italo in all his wisdom. :sunglasses:


sir i try myself but when i try the aia file as given by video tutorial then that will work fine
while when i use my fusion table apikey, keyfile and serviceaccountemail instead of provided data in aia file fusion table then i have got an error message i.e - error 2601: fusion table returned an error the query was:SELECT timeamp from 17WdqDkF9PFcz8BnPzayC1_iV0wYV8fu6XMQvw_Cq WHERE USER ID=1 the response was: 403 forbidden forbiddenCapturenew
and after that the next error is bad arguments +

plz resolve the error


Isn’t this what @PixiiBomb explained here:


problem not resolve after using both id 1 and 2