Task Hour/Day + Countdown Timer + Prevent Hacking


Yes you could do that. That’s 100% up to your preferences and how you like to organize things.
There is nothing wrong with that method, you just need to create a system to help you remember how you organized your data. You can still do this using ONE Firebase Component. Just create your own variables to access each of your tags.

Personally, I really really don’t like Firebase for user data. I think it’s extremely disorganized and it’s much more difficult to handle a large database of user information.

I prefer SQL based databases like mySQL, SQLite or Fusion Table, but that’s my personal preference.
The reason is because I prefer a table layout where I can see all of the data in rows and columns.
And I can use SQL commands to easily access/manipulate that data.


Hi @PixiiBomb What would you prefer, fusion table or airtable?


yes i tried in fuison table .but when user open task screen they not get time of loading data .they quikly click and the procedure break and they can click the button .its happen with me


i mean when screen instilize they dont get time to loading data they quikly click anywere on screen and the get data procedure not work .thats why i want try with firebase i think its little fuison table also in fuison table server somtime user data not store due to server failuer.sorry my english is very bad


Thank You Dear .Problem Slove.is it posible to make leaderborad with firebase like Fuison Table


Hello, I don’t mean to bother but I went through the tutorial a couple times and verified that the blocks were correct with the tutorial but I keep getting this error and i’m not sure whats causing it because i’d understand if I messed up somewhere in my app but I ended up downloading the .aia file to test it out in the official file and it’s still giving me the same error. Before anyone asks yes I went in and changed all the fusion table information and put my userid in for my table so it was in fact not using pixii’s information. I did however manage to get it to work a few times and add the timestamp into the fusion table so I know it can send information to it but it only works when I press the event button multiple times and just not on the first click, this is the error I get can anyone possibly help?

the stars after update is my fusion table ID, blocked it out just in case

Error in SendQuery
Error 2601: Fusion tables returned an error. The query was: UPDATE ******** SET timestamp= WHERE USERID=23123123. The response was: 400 Bad Request invalid query: PArse error near ‘WHERE’ (line 1, postion 64).


to set a timestamp to nothing does not work very good, does it?
It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


this error and the blocks are a part of the actual .aia file attached on pixii’s tutorial this is why i’m wondering whats going on.

it does get set to something though?, it just doesn’t show up when the statement is called [See blocks below] The “global timestamp_new” should be set as soon as the screen starts but when I first press the button it gives me the error but if I wait a few and try to press it again usually it will add the timestamp to my fusion table and then do the count down, my assumption is that the website is pretty slow so it takes a lot longer to reach and then respond to it. So my only thoughts is to manually add the timestamp instead of waiting on the website when the user first clicks the button. But then again that would completely defeat the whole purpose of this tutorial.


as you can see from the error message, your global variable timestamp_new was empty while sending the update statement…

I’m not familiar with that tutorial, but what about sending the update statement to the table only after a timestamp has been received in the Web.GotText event? @PixiiBomb might want to check…



Hey Guyz Please Help Me In This Toturial Given Site for timestamp Not Working Showing Error

Anyone Can solve this problem If have any other site so please tell me



Hi @PixiiBomb, just like M_Arslan the website seems to be down for me. I can’t get the API for the tutorial. Is there another version of the API that I could use somewhere, or is there another way to get the API you’re aware of? Thank you for your time and the tutorial.


Maybe this link is not working.
Any solution ?


I wonder if we broke that website o.o?

I mean, I doubt we did - but it’s possible we threw too much traffic their way.

Realistically, you guys could use any API you wanted. I just chose that one because it was simple enough for everyone to read the data


I don’t know if someone has copied your app but there’s something similar for sale at https://community.kodular.io/t/secure-countdown-timer-unhackable/14182


now i am using the Task Hour/Day + Countdown Timer + Prevent Hacking of PixiiBomb , I have a problem with there project when the timer is start and i change to another screen and get back to the screen, the timer is stop and i try to run on background but it still not running the timer. the timer is always reset. please help me…


Before opening another screen, save the instant now in milis in TinyDB.
When you come back to the screen, compare the current milis with the one saved in TinyDB and add the difference to the saved milis. That will give you the real time elapsed since you opened the new screen and closed it.


There have a problem on time. When time is done and i start again the time is set on another time. Example i set the countdown to 60min and then it show 50min, 4min. And sometimes the countdown not working properly.


Is this another problem or the same?


Yes this is another problem. The countdown is not properly works.