Task button Per day (No cheat from user)



Hello friends,

Today i bring a new tutorial for video ads and other tasks.
Here i used firebase database so no cheat possible from user.



Task App - How to Reset task limit every day?
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Maybe you can tell what the blocks do.


Nice question. :+1:

On first installation we ask user to username.
After submission we store value of it in tinyDB as user TAG.
And Store username as a TAG in firebase database with value of time when button clicked.

We have used here clock component to get current time in UNIX TIME format.
UNIX TIME is time in second from 1 January 1970.
Every time user clicks we store time value by adding 86400 ( second in one day) in firebase database.

When user enters again in app we ask tinyDB to user tag if there is value it is invisible else it will be visible and store we compare time is greater than it?

If yes button enabled else disabled.

How to disable the button for 2 hours

There is minor bug i found that in screen.initialize event.

Please fix it yourself.

Add set (Textbox.Text ) to (TinyDB1 . Get Value {tag = [" user "] } { if value not there = ["____"] }).



Sample file :
NICK_TASK.aia (3.4 KB)


thank for reply
this not work when run application showing application error?

thank you


Send aia file personally.


How to work with multi user and multi button with login and register system
plz explain with block


Mera ek q hain ki kaiseme button disable karu agar me aise karuga tho time bhadne par WO enable ho jaiga tho aap mujhe koi solution bata do firebase se kaise karu isse


I want a task button, After click task button task button invisible for 1hour, After complete 1 hour automitaclly visible task button… Any one tell me ?? how can i make this block.

Thanks in advance