Taking photos from camera and saving in a remote database


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Now I have to create an app to take a shot from the camera and send this photo to a remote database. I didn’t see any example about this, but I think it’s not complicated. The only difficult part is how to send this photo to a remote database (MySQL), that I’m in doubt if I have to send in base64 or if I have to do this transformation only in my API which connects with the database. Anyone has made something similar and can give some clues?



Is this of any use?



hmm yes, it is!!! I’ll try it and tell you my results!!

Thanks, my friend!


Sorry you had to wait 3 minutes before i responded. :joy::rofl:


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Well, just returning to this post, I’ve read the article you showed me, but the approach is different that what I really want. In my case, I need to take a picture in the app, save the picture internally and send the image directly to my remote database, using an API made by me.
Maybe I have to transform to Base64 in the app and after this to send this Base64 code to the remote server. And in my API make again the transformation in order to save in my database… I’m searching more info about it.


It’s just because I want to use the Camera Component to take pictures, but I don’t know (yet) about how to send ths picture to my API.


Well, after some tries I coudn’t be able to send the image to my remote database. All examples I 've seen on internet shows only how to send an image to a database, and to do this, they use the Web.PostFile. In my case, I need to send the image, but with more data, I mean, I’m gonna to send texts (in this case I’s usually use Web.PostText) together with the image. Have anyone made this, using MySQL?



Just to inform you that I already got what I need!! Everything is working smoothly as expected!! Thanks to @Peter and your tips!!


Great that it is working. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: