Taifun google account picker, reward ad screen is not opening


I used Taifun google account picker extension as login. But when user go to a screen where there is reward ad, app force close.


Hopefully @Taifun can help here


it seems to be, you have overseen the notes in the documentation https://puravidaapps.com/accountmanager.php#pick

Note: In Appybuilder you can only use this extension in case you are not using a component, which already uses the Google Play library


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Oh, so is there a way to use them both? Is there any other extension which can be used? What about FirebaseAuth extension, can we use that as google login and also use other google components at the same time?


@Amit_Narwal what feature you like to implement?


@Hossein the source code of the Pick Google Account extension is available on my website

Appybuilder might want to use these sources to create its own component to avoid the library issues…



Yes if they implement that in appy builder that would be great, just like makeroid.


@Amit_Narwal some of those features are already implemented in AppyBuilder. What exactly do you need to do?



AppyBuilder Texting allows you to get user’s emails (see below). Is that what you are looking for? The reason we used Texting is because it already had all the required permissions



Can it do the same work like that extension? I mean one button to call google accounts and when we pick account, then other button to login?


@Hossein can you please explain this in details, like how to get the email address of the chosen account, how to once chosen it stays there, and I’m using it to authorize user, is it safe?


Please Slove This Problem. google account picker extension is really important for us.



Some questions:

1 - What problem are you talking about?
2 - What are you trying to do? Is it giving you any error?
3 - If the answer to Question 2 is YES and YES, can you show us your blocks to see what you have tried?


Popup for user account select (without extra permission for the application).