Tabswipe Extension Issues


i am using Tabswipe in my app with Websiviewer in the tabs. i got the issue that when i swipe the screen it doesn’t goes to another tab but it show half-half tabs both…

please help to fix it


Can you show some screenshots for better understanding?


hey bro see this video at the url :-

and please try to solve the problem @Rey


Are you using this extension - Tabs swipe Look whatsapp (Free Extension) , if yes, then its better to ask the author. If not then you need to show your blocks to let us know what is going on in there.



sir i searched the @Andres_Cotes but at that time in puravida its was showing anders denial the extension developer which i was not able to find…
So, @Andres_Cotes could you solve this problem



hello friend that extension does not continue working on it perform the pager view and tabs but the 2 are paid