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Andres Cotes

How to Create App Like WhatsApp Status Saver
Tabswipe Extension Issues
Swiping Screens or layouts

update link of tabs swipe extension


Keep getting this error


Hi, @Andres_Cotes nice extension… But unfortunately it doesnt work correctly with Appybuilder. It is very difficult to swipe right…and it keeps coming back to the first tab.


i am use this extension it have some change. in the pics show different pics and extension work only one side in appybuilder but correct work in thunkable.


I have many problems with this extension and list view mit inventor 2


If you use those extensions in AI2 then you should ask in that community not here.!categories/mitappinventortest


I would love to see support for other platforms then just Thunkable!

I doesn’t work properly in Appybuilder and others, as preposters already mentioned.


I publish more here because it is a friendlier community, but I give support to any MP inventor distribution if you need


Thanks for the fast reply.

I need this extension to work on AppyBuilder.
It doesn’t detect Swipes properly and it’s very hard to swipe to next page.

Could you please take a look at that problem?:grin:


Can you guys try thinking of other titles? Other than Whatsapp… I mean look, Clash Royale has the same idea just not Material Design.


The title was here before and does not mean that everybody asking for whats app look a like. The question was about swipe method.
@Andres_Cotes have paid extension (never tried) and free (this one)which doesn’t work correctly , but in combination with Collin tree SAHandlers extension works ok.


You can try this one. It not perfect but is work in progress.
menu_demo.aia (294.2 KB)