TableView Extension v3


Risolto tutti i miei problemi con la griglia.
Ottimo lavoro
mi rimane solo da risolvere… Se si lancia una nuova query(ricerca) aggiunge ai record precedenti
non c’e un refresh?


The TableView displays the data you give it.
If you want to update the TableView, update the DataString and rebuild the TableView.




After change the cell data,Must rebuild the TableView? Thanks.


Hey really nice job. Also I want to ask you how can I display a google spreadsheet. This is my previous attemp with dendritastable extension but I can’t understand how to do it with this extension.


I haven’t used Google Spreadsheet but it looks like the Response Content is in csv format so just use that.


thanks for your reply. There is a problem with this extension I can’t use the TableView?


Not to my knowledge.
What issue are you seeing?
Screenshots and detailed information would be helpful.


the error is
Runtime Error
Failed resolution of: Lorg/acra/ACRA;

And then I should end the app


That error isn’t related to the extension.


so what is this error?


Looks like something to do with viewing .pdf files.
Please create a new topic for this issue.


i am using v2.but there might be a problem in table.there is an invited comma in each row start and end point.i try to upgrade extension v2 to v3.but after upgrade all coding breaks in every screen in whre i used to fix that problem


With version 3 you need to set these:


Hi ken
this extension was exactly what i was looking for!
Unfortunately I am experiencing some problems at the moment. I cannot put data in the table.(The set dataString to function does not work for me).
I hope someone can help me with this.


You need to build/rebuild the table everytime the DataString changes.


Hi ken
it solved my problem thanks a lot!!!


nando can you send simple app?


Hello, how can I read / display a csv file?
For me, everything is only displayed in one column. CSV file should have 5 columns. What am I doing wrong?


Check your Delimiters: