TableView Extension v3


Then don’t store them all to the database


Sir pls show me example block


I think it’s important that you look at your blocks and follow along with what each block is actually doing.
Then when you don’t understand what a certain block is doing, search the community and look at the AB/AI Help topics to try to understand how the block works.


Is there a way to breakline inside a cell? (like <br> in HTML, or \n)


Not currently, I am working on adding several other things.
I will add this to the list for possible future features to add.


Note: The features people are sponsoring get first priority.


Ok Kenneth, I just sponsored my request.


TableView v3 is here!

Thanks to @Franco_Rojas for sponsoring these new features

Added a CellDelimiter
CellDelimter will also accept a Regular Expression

Added a RowDelimiter
RowDelimiter shows as “” On website \r and \n don’t appear so you’ll need to change the RowDelimiter to "\n" or a Regular Expression like "\r?\n" or anything you want!

Changed CSVString to DataString because of the above.

Note: This will cause a Blocks error if you are already using this extension.
I recommend removing the CSVString Block before updating to this new version.

Added TextAlignment

Bug Fix Fixed ShrinkToFit issue on some older devices (Thanks @Gabriel_Egea for bringing this to my attention! )

Updated .aia and .aix are in the first Post.

If you are interested in sponsoring a new feature please send me a PM.



I tried to use same code from your .aia. I am still getting weird result.

I do use , as delimiter


There are 2 Delimiters 1 for Cell and 1 for Row.
For your example which is a combination of my 2 examples you’ll want to set the RowDelimiter to ;


I am working on a new feature that will essentially allow you to freeze the top or top few rows, if anyone that uses AB wants to beta test this let me know.


Me, myself and i would like to test this feature, so that makes three of us. :sunglasses:


If you need another one to try, count on me


Hi I really like your grid extension, will be great if can be possible to set the column width.
do you think you will work on this feature?


Does StretchToFit not suit your needs?


if I accept to have the table horizontal scrolling could be fine. but I prefer to see the table wth no scroll, of course when small table.


If the table is the same size as screen or smaller it won’t need to scroll.


I just try to create table view with 2 columns data
when the width of vertical arrangement is set to auto, table display ok

But when I change the width of vertical arrangement to fill parent, there are extra area with red color (border color is set to red)

Try another example with many columns and “set shrink to fit” to true
data in column are automatic word-wrap.
But there is extra area with red (border color)

How can I fix this extra border color? pls help.


I’ll start by saying the Android Table Layout that I use has many many settings that can be configured.
I try to make TableView as universal as I can, so it will work well for as many situations as possible.

That being said:

  1. If your table is smaller than your Arrangement use StrechToFit.
    As you saw if you set the Arrangement to Auto it wraps the content.

  2. If the table is wider/taller than the screen and you don’t use ShrinkToFit it will automatically have the ability to scroll to see the data that didn’t fit on the screen.
    I recommend Landscape Orientation when the table is wider than the screen(Portrait).
    That being said you can adjust the Padding and FontSize to get a better fit.


Dear Ken

I understand those settings, stretch to fit / shrink to fit and the width of Horizontal arrangement.
I hope you notice the extra red area in many cells with the height of content smaller than the cell height.

The Table view will work fine if the content in all cells are only one-line.