TableView Extension v3


Yes, I did notice the extra red area.

It also works(displays) fine if all of the cells have the same amount of lines.

My suggestion would be to add a \n to add an extra line to the cells that need it.

PM me if you’d like to sponsor a new procedure.


How i can include an external .CSV from Web. DataString =
My Structure is -> green,red,blue,yellow,123456;

no error, no output??? confused;


sir is it possible to get vertical row text


You need to download the .csv and use the File Component to read the file.


Please explain what you mean.




Sorry that isn’t currently available.


ok thanks sir pls add this feature in next update if possible


Maybe you can sponsor it.


ok no problem…


you may want to transpose your data,
for example,
aa, bb, cc


bb, 22,55
cc, 33,66

then get the 3rd column of 1st list, become get 3rd row of 2nd list.

now what you need is a procedure to transpose.


Hi Ken, Great job! Thanks for sharing.
I have a doubt: I need to get the text of a selected row and set each column text (of that row) into a different text box.
What would be the best way? Maybe create a list splitting the text row and retrieve the values from the list?


“rowText” is returned in csv format so you could use “csv row to list” block or the “Split text at” block


Thanks for great extension


Hi. how do you freeze the header?


I will PM you in a minute.


Very nice but it needs your extension.
I want to try to fill the grid in appybuilder with data from sqlite.
I can see how you manage to get data from a table but that is not the same as sqlite.


You can display a SQLite Query in a TableView using this method:


Great exxtension.
I saw your answer for showing data from a sqlite query.
What I did is giving the result of a sqlite query directly to the datastring
datastring = sqlite.query.execute(select …
This worked for me, I will see if it will always work.
Me too I like to have the possibility of freezing rows and columns but I saw you already have a beta version of it.
The one question I have is if there is a limit for data in the datastring attribute.
I will use for rather big select so I like to know this upfront.
But anyway, once again, great extension