TableView Extension v3


Version 2 is here!

Change Row Color when Selected/Clicked, with ability to enable/disable:
Thank you @Ten_Gator for sponsoring this new feature!

Return entire Row Text on Click.

Updated .aia and .aix are in the first post.


It’s getting better and better… congrats, @Ken !!!


Thanks Ken for sharing this extension! You’re a genius!


sir pls help me to solve this problem when i select listpicker items getting all string value in one colum i dont wnt that how to solve pls help


TableV_copy.aia (44.6 KB)


What dont you want and how do your blocks look?





I am not sure what you are trying to do.

In TableView the columns are separated by a “,” and rows are separated by a “\n”.


TableV_copy.aia (44.6 KB)


Big Thanks to Ken. The TableView Extension is very useful and simple. I have a suggestion . If there is a option for fix the first column or first row, it will be better for viewing. Just like viewing the database in Excel. We always fix the first row. The first row always be the entities .



When I have more time, I hope to figure out a way to freeze(fix) the Header Row.
Based on how the table is created Freezing a column will be much more difficult but if I can figure it out I will add that as well.


What if you use two tableviews? 1 with just one row with the headers and the other tableview with all other values.


If the columns had set widths that would work but if a cell contained more or less characters than it corresponding header then they wouldn’t line up.


The width of each column would change with the length of text inside the column. So the width of each column in first row would not be match the list below. Unless make a procedure to check the max text length in each column and replace the text in first row with appropriate empty space.


TableV_copy.aia (44.6 KB)

Pls help


If I remove this Block:

I get:


@Ken @Peter Thanks for your contributions AND being great moderators :ok_hand:


@Ken thank you so much!
This was nicely done, it’s helping me a lot with a personal project :smile:
I’ve just got one question:
I have a table with some hymns stored, and each row contains its name, author, observations and then the lyrics; the problem is that many of them have commas and all of them are multi-lined. How could I make it that the lyrics dont get spread out as multiple values?


Without a custom solution I don’t believe this will be possible.