TableView Extension v3


In programming pretty much everything starts at 0 but AppInventor changes it to start at 1 to make it less confusing for non-programmers.

I have thought about changing my code to start at 1 so it’s more inline with the AI model.
I haven’t looked at my code for this extension in several months. I will add starting at 1 to my list of future updates.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


That would be helpful! Thanks a lot!


Hi Ken?
I just sponsored this extension.
I’ll attach my wishlist

  • Make it possible to have more than one tableview on the same window, right now the second one crashes from sometimes.
  • Make it possible to keep headers on top if you scroll down.
    I know you enabled it in a beta but working with two tableviews has problems in keeping the headers and the data in sync if you scroll to the right, you had a solution for the width of the columns
    The current solution with two tableviws has also problems showing the selected row, it does not always select from the first time, if there is only one row it is not selectable.
  • Is it possible to show images in the list and also for checkboxes, now the tableview simply shows text.
    The checkboxes would make it possible to select more than one row , for example for row deletion


I love this extension. It’s just what I was looking for. I’ve attached an image of what I’ve been able to do with it so far and I think it looks amazing.

I know that I’m in no position to be making requests, but “The answer is always ‘No’, if you don’t ask.” so …

I would love to have a way to be able to change the background color of specific rows inside the table… something that would just override the pre-set Even & Odd colors for just that specific row.

Perhaps something like a color override code (a simple RGB string and a special delimiter i.e. 255,255,255\c) that could be prefixed to the row DataString and parsed by the extension as it builds the table?

If something like this isn’t doable or too much work, I can understand.

Again, I thank you for this great extension… it has made my programming of my app 100x easier.


I’m glad you like it!
Thanks for sharing the picture, I often wonder how other people use my extensions in their projects.

If you would like to sponsor a new feature please PM me.


I agree with @DocDrydenn it is really fantastic and of enormous help. THANKS AGAIN!


How to setup this extension to read data from single csv. file from storage?


Use File Component:


It works but not rows and columns are wrong.
Data in file is: “xxx, yyy, zzz \r\n”.
So my CellDelimiter is “,” and RowDelimiter is “\r\n”. And listview display everything in one row.
Where is mistake?


Try it with a RowDelimiter of “\n”


It’s working! Thanks!


Please help me to make the blocks


Why not just show what you made.


Is it possible to add Delete or edit option button for each rows of the right side?


Yes, it is possible. It would definitely need to be sponsored, but I honestly don’t have the time to add something that complex.


Thank you for your reply.
I think it is essential for table formate. Update as soon as possible…


A feature this complex will need to be sponsored(Paid).
I have no plans to add this feature at this time.
If you would like to sponsor this feature, send me a PM.


how to make a table from spreadsheet data use this extension?


I’m getting this error:
Error from Companion: java.lang.RuntimeException: invalid syntax in eval form: :4:2691: caught exception in inliner for # - java.lang.RuntimeException: no such class: com.kennicholsandroid.TableView.TableView… etc
In AppyBuilder when connecting to device with live testing.
With no code at all (the table)


Solved, a restart was enough.

Thanks for this great extension!!!