TableView Extension v3


Today I present an Extension that creates a Table Dynamically with CSV data.

Oops, forgot to thank my Alpha/Beta Testers.
Thank you @Peter & @enfandroid for your suggestions and assistance with testing!

Output Examples:

New with v2:


New with v2:

New with v3:


New with v2:

Video Example:

v3 .aia & .aix Files:
TableView_v3.aia (21.5 KB)
com.kennicholsandroid.TableView.aix (19.2 KB)

If you find this Extension useful please feel free to make a donation:

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@Ken Thanks for your contributions :+1:


@Ken, Congratulations!!! Very nice extension!! I was looking for this right now and I saw this… Just a question: Can it e used with a list, like JSON?


I designed it to work with csv tables.

Edit: I will look into adding this feature in the next release.


Very Useful extension!:heart_eyes::blush: @Ken Thanks for sharing this extension! :sparkling_heart:


Great!!! Thanks a lot!!!


Great work @Ken. You made something special here.


Great Ken, I was also looking for this extension for some time. I would like to add that surely this extension will be very useful and will be enriched with new features, just ken. :joy:


sir one error to open aia in app inventor tag value block is not showing in app inventor is it possible to solve the error


You could download the .aix and do something like this:


Error in this block how to solve not showing horrizontal arrangement table


AI doesn’t have that block use:


When i use this block only getting tag i dint get value


If you update the procedure this will work in place of the GetTags&Values Block:


Very nice extension, thanks for sharing it.
Might I ask in a future version for the possibility to assign an image in any cell?


Did you know AB has a component named Gridview which can do that?


Thanks for your reply.
I tried Gridview without achieving my aim. I want to show something like a chessboard. Each cell will or will not contain an image, without any text. Using Gridview1.AfterPicking, var item contains the text. I am trying to solve the problem using DynamicComp extension which offers ID, so getting ID, I can calculate row and col and reach the component. Unfortunately, for the moment, DynComp does not support image.
Anyway, I keep trying. It is a good exercise.


thanks sir…


Version 2 is here!

Change Row Color when Selected/Clicked, with ability to enable/disable:
Thank you @Ten_Gator for sponsoring this new feature!

Return entire Row Text on Click.

Updated .aia and .aix are in the first post.


It’s getting better and better… congrats, @Ken !!!